Symposium with U.S.Inora Technologies,INC.


On 17th November,2016, Mr.president ingobert Schmadel and Mr. Nick Turicek from INORA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. came and visit SZMA.

Vice president Mr.Peng and vice president &general secretary Mrs.Huang from SZMA received the guests and had an in-depth discussion with them.

According to Mr. ingobert Schmadel, Inora relies on its core Math Engine technology to build and license intelligent decision-making software for use in a wide range of industries. Additionally, they can implement the core algorithms into customers’ existing software for improved functionality.



Inora technology is backed by decades of research from some of the leading scholars in math and science. Clients who take advantage of the custom solutions work closely with individuals who possess a deep understanding of their core algorithms.

Mr. ingobert Schmadel also mentioned that Inora would like to expand Chinese market and hoped to establish cooperative relationship with SZMA and keep in touch.

Based on the nice talk, SZMA vice president Mr.Peng, whose company is specialized in machine tool, would like to cooperate with Inora and experience the technology in advance.

It was a pleasant talk for both sides and hope to keep contact with each other in the future.